About Us

In December of 2001 TurboSchedule was formed as a marriage of ideas and solutions. The successes of web based client scheduling and TurboSchedule's Virtual Front Desk Pro solution are apparent. We not only met the challenges of scheduling meetings, seminars and appointments, but deliver front desk staffing solutions to any business, struggling to arrange appointments, take orders, perform customer ?triage? without the overhead of full time staff.

The proliferation of low cost, high-speed cable and DSL connections, coupled with today's wireless products and secure networks has delivered real time accessibility to almost everyone. The concept of real time accessibility for the business owner, the remote agent and the customer are significant advantages that TurboSchedule's Virtual Front Desk Pro delivers over other applications that are currently available.

With Front Desk Pro, there are so many different ways to book your appointments that it's almost impossible to miss out on a customer initiated opportunity to do business.